Calgary ArtCity Pavilion Competition

Temporary Art Pavilions

Calgary, Alberta | FINALIST | 2002


The frame and the white box are standard backdrops for the display of art in the traditional and modern gallery setting, respectively. The act of displaying art outdoors suggests that it, and the viewer, should interact with the site and environment, thus the question of displaying art in an outdoor setting poses challenges that neither of these paradigms can address adequately. What is needed most is a flexible, intimate space to counter the often out-of-scale urban setting of Calgary’s downtown as well as a space which will provide unique opportunities for interaction amongst the purposeful viewer, the casual observer, the artist, the art, and the city.


The three slatted cubes, each composed of either 2x4s, 2x6s, or 2x8s of locally available, appearance-grade spruce, contains both the conception of the frame and the neutral background while at the same time providing an immediate connection to the site, environment, and references to local history—each cube borrows its materialism from the agricultural landscape and the rural vernacular and its vocabulary from the railroad which gave the city its status as a regional center. There are many possibilities for configuring the cubes, and they can host many forms of art, from visual art to performances to music.

Plans, Elevations, Sections
Above, from top: Plan, longitudinal elevation, transverse sections.
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Site Plan
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Jury Statement

“We admired the simplicity and clarity of both the presentation and the design and thought it would stand out within the urban context while making reference to rural structures. The flexibility of the forms that could change from walls to rooms within the same exhibition period or from one year to another is interesting and an opportunity for Peep Show artists to work with. It would require fine craftsmanship and it is not likely possible to build it well for $10K.”